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Demian Divine

Turin / Paris based artist


Born in 1993 in Julia Augusta Taurinorum (Italy), Demian Divine is an Italian artist.


His artistic name is inspired by the Daimon greek and literature of Herman Hesse


The demon (from the ancient greek δαίμων, Daimon, "divine being") is, in religious culture and Greek philosophy: a being that is exactly half way between what is divine and what is human, with the function to mediate between these two dimensions, "It would be a sort of "moral conscience" that reveals itself gradually as a form of madness and divine inspiration, a voice identified as the true nature of the human soul".  


According to the testimony of Plato, Daimon, (spoken of Socrates) is in fact a divine presence, like a guardian angel, who warns him via signals to stimulate his reason to carry out the most suitable choice, but not enough not to cause it to perform certain actions, but rather to dissuade him:


"At many times and places, is that something divine and spiritual comes to me, the very thing which Meletus ridiculed in his indictment. I have had this from my childhood; it is a sort of voice that comes to me, and, when it comes, it always holds me back from what I am thinking of doing, but never urges me forward"  »

(Apology, 31 d)


+39 3403636821

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